Cholesterol and THC in a blood test?

Jenna Asked: Cholesterol and THC in a blood test?

Last Friday I got a blood test done for cholesterol.I'm heavier, about 160 16 year old female, so I was figuring that my cholesterol wouldn't be too good.I also used to smoke weed probably once every weekend, I've been clean for 3 weeks though.I know that unless they're testing specifically for it, it won't show up but the doctor called my mom back and left a voice mail asking her to "call back so they can discuss my results".Which kind of scares me?She said if it was a-ok they would have said that on the phone so something is probably wrong.Do they always have you call them back, or is she right with that they'd only ask to call back if it was bad?


monkeyofstickyahoocom Answered:
Try Narcotics Anonymous.
No,do not think they would do a thc test,but hey,who knows.
Try NA anyway.

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