generic lipitor, who uses it and do you feel it’s not doing it’s job?

C U Next Tuesday Asked: generic lipitor, who uses it and do you feel it’s not doing it’s job?

i've been taking the generic now for two months and not only is the price the same as the brand but…it feels as if it's not doing it's job..i feel stuffy, arms are aching and i feel sluggish,heart is pounding in my ears and i feel as if my next lipid panel is going to show it's not as effective as lipitor itself.. anyone else feel this way OR have you talked to your doctor about the generic(if you feel it's not doing the same job as the brand)and did you have your blood lipid panel recently while taking the generic and were the results the same?or did it show that your cholesterol was up and your doctor felt that the generic prescription is not as effective?

just doing some research(it's still early)but i feel the generic just isn't cutting it plus i read that the test studies have failed on many companies versions of the product … and very far and few between have felt as i do,the generic sucks and they want to go back to the brand lipitor but their insurance company is 'bean counter central'and won't allow subscribers to get the official brand instead…

i have bc/bs.. so you know how that goes once a drug goes generic.



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I live in the west of Scotland – one of the worst area's in the world for tooth decay, due to the amounts of sweets and fizzy drinks that are consumed here. We have a notoriously sweet tooth. And as such I've got a few fillings. However, since becoming a vegetarian 16 years ago, the only dental work I've had to have is the replacement of some of the older fillings. My son, who has been a vegetarian since birth (he's now 14) has 1, and my daughter (aged 12) has no fillings at all. Compared to some of their meat eating classmates, they are models of dental hygiene and probity.

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First off, one of the respondents said you can consume cholesterol via vegan foods and that just isn't true."From a dietary perspective, cholesterol is not found in significant amounts in plant sources."

I have cavities, but I have not noticed a significant increase or decrease in cavities due to being a vegan.

Also keep in mind that Chris Masterjohn is not a doctor.He has been funded by Weston A Price Foundation, an organization that is "criticised by medical and health experts for "purveying misleading information" and "failing to update their recommendations in light of contradictory evidence"."

Hope that helps!

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Don't worry, I'm already really old, turning 28 this week and I only need dentures for my upper row of teeth

Jen D Answered:
The "reference" you cite is one person's opinion, and not a reputable source.

My last filling was when I was 15.I've been vegan since I was 19.

The best thing, nutritionally, that one can do to avoid tooth decay is to improve their digestion.People who consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods have better digestion, better circulation and better assimilation of nutrients.They also have less tooth decay.

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Regular vegans who eat cooked foods, do not have this problem. I am a vegan, and know a lot of vegans and raw vegans. Children who are raw vegan who have never eaten cooked foods, or eat a majority of raw foods have this problem with tooth decay. Raw vegan diet should not be given to children, I've seen too many problems with raw vegan children to even consider trying it. Not to be confused with regular vegans!

It is perfectly healthy to be a cooked vegan(more healthier in fact), just make sure you eat fortified foods like soy milk etc- which give you a boost of your daily vitamin and mineral intake. I have never had a cavity in my life, since going vegan three years ago, 2 years before that I was vegetarian I have yet to have any teeth problems. Nothing. I have noticed, due to the fact that I eat a lot of apples, my front teeths enamel has been thinning, not too much but so. Nothing to really worry about.

This article, the man had anxiety issues before he went vegan. It sounds like he was afraid of change, which caused his attacks. Going back the "familiar" helped. You can't reverse tooth decay, unless you take out the tooth.His problems, can be related to stress. Going vegan won't fix your anxiety problems, it'll lower your blood pressure, help you manage with diabetes, but it doesn't reverse all your illnesses. That's absurd to think going vegan will give you superpowers, but just as absurd or even more absurd to think eating animal products will give you more powers. Dairy is a leading cause of allergies. Allergies tend to clear up, when reducing or eliminating it from your diet. It's not normal, to have so many people allergic to foods which is related to the dairy and meat intake these days.

This guy, was already against the "vegan lifestyle" before going vegan, with enough negativity around it, he can think- all his problems are related to being a vegan. There are so many different variables his problems could have been caused by. Don't listen to this guy.

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Yes they do and its because of all the natural acid.

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