jjStYleZzZ Asked: hellllllpppppppppppppp!!!!!!!?

ok,my dad in law is comin in 2 hours or so,

and he really likes the food i cook for him!!!

the problem is, he always has diff. food we hardly have the same food trice or 4x.

nw i'd like to try something nw, something with spices, but only veg. he is not allowed to have meat except for chicken and theres no chicken at home. can't go and buy now!! i got loads of other wrk left and i have only a wrking husband who is currently out!

he has high cholesterol, high blood pressure and suffers from diabetis.
i was thinking of chinese style noodle soup.

and i need a nice veggi receipe for him (he cant have cheese and potato at all! and remember: no chicken at home. no mushrooms at home!!)

I have veggetables and eggs at home!! any idea? i even got letuce!! and salad dressing!! but he'd like to have something warm.

I ordered some Indian dishes for the other people coming a long with him. the only problem is 'him' i dont want to disappoint him now! cuz he likes d way i cook and always expects sumthng diff. he really likes me a lot.. 🙁


me Answered:
vegi bhuna is nice its a vegetaian rice dish xx

KPowers222 Answered:
Don't make your question say 'help' especially in the insuferable cunty manner you have. Are you a ******* idiot? If i knew you i'd never speak to you again you ****. How does that help anyone? **** you.

Raju Answered:
Prepare soup with vegetables and add salt and pepper for taste. It is good for health. You can prepare it within 30 minutes.

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