Is 2 eggs per day too much?

Robbie Asked: Is 2 eggs per day too much?

Would eating 2 eggs most days raise my cholesterol levels too much or cause damage to my health?Anybody eat 2 or 3 eggs a day and have good health.


Epix Answered:
its healthy for its protein if you work out but eating too much as in 2 like you said does raise your cholesterol. try not to eat one everyday cause your cholesterol will sky rocket but they are healthy for the protein factor. good health comes with exercise not just eating thus EXERCISE!

ingsoc1 Answered:
depends on what else your eating

Hannah Answered:
Nope! Eggs are great! You should be careful about the yolks, though. Maybe every other day switch to just egg whites, or find some other source of protein for the morning. Good luck! (:

ZarquonTheGreat Answered:
Not really. I have eaten half a dozen for lunch. But then I only eat eggs sporadically.

Cold Hard Facts Rainstorm Answered:
Eat about 4 and healthy.

Eating that amount won't do much damage to your health.

Although if you want to be sure, get your cholesterol checked and consult with your doctor.

sebastiaan Answered:
I think that 2 eggs per day is ok if you eat healthy more or less for the rest of the day.
I eat about 1 egg every week or 2

Harry Tribble Answered:
yes i do i eat about 6 or more its great for working out ive used it for both the army and marines and even just for breakfast dont worry it will be fine the guys i know even eat over a 12 aday it will be fine but if u really are a worried little girl then go to your gp and see what he says

Jackie Mober Answered:
1 egg is ok

cavsfan95 Answered:
Eggs are one of the healthiest things you can eat, Ive talked to guys at the gym who eat 8 eggs a day. Dont worry about eating 2 eggs, it wont hurt you and if your still worried about the cholesterol, have some cherrios 🙂

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