List of natural appetite stimulants for the elderly for weight gain?

Jeanie Asked: List of natural appetite stimulants for the elderly for weight gain?

My 82 year old mother who is on various medications, keeps saying she's not hungry, but is losing weight which the doctors say is NOT good for her. She was given 'pills' to increase her appetite but her doctor removed them, because they were interfering with her other meds, so now I'm trying to find a "natural" alternative that will still increase her eating, make her gain weight, and hopefully and prayerfully NOT interfere with her meds. Thanks for your help.

P.S. She takes heart pills, high blood pressure, and cholesterol meds.


angela Answered:
Pot; the "munchies" will have her hungry in no time.Yes, some seniors use it for just that purpose.

nonya Answered:
marijuana is highly effective. Infact its the most effective natural appetite stimulant known to man as well as its completely non toxic to the body in any amount. So its the safest and most effective option as far as an herbal remedy. Also it treats over 200 common medical conditions. So chances are using it will reduce her need for pain pills or other meds and thus save her organs from further damage from pharmaceutical chemicals.

Dan Answered:
Cinnamon will help.put a little in some hot chocolate.

I heard maple syrup is good for that purpose, but if that doesn't work, maybe look into a naturalsupplement called "5htp".

@ angela and nonya: I agree, marijuana would be most effective, unfortuantely it is expensive and illegal in most states, so it might not be the best choice in this situation.

Good luck

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