My husband has just been told his cholesterol level is 8.8?

Lea Asked: My husband has just been told his cholesterol level is 8.8?

The doctor also said that his blood pressure is 129/88. He is 34 years old, he is probably overweight round his stomach and he smokes around 20 a day. Does anyone know what kind of risk this involves? What can he do to get his cholesterol down? He said he has to have further tests to find out how much of it is bad/good cholesterol?? I don't understand much about cholesterol can anyone give me any info please? Thanks x


Lukas Answered:
Mine was 9.5 a few years ago when I was a little younger than him but it runs in my family.

I was placed on medication which lowers it and I had to change my diet. I only use things that are low in saturate fats and high in mono unsaturates, olive oil is better than any other, no butter, no fast food, porridge oats are particularly good for lowering cholesterol etc.

Have a look online and get yourself a list of foods he should and shouldn't be eating because yes, high cholesterol (anything over 5.3) can lead to problems and even heart attacks.My dad had a heart bypass a few years ago just to PREVENT a heart attack because his cholesterol was so high (11.3).

My advice is change his diet.

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