Sometimes I can feel blood running through my veins. What is this?

tsukaira Asked: Sometimes I can feel blood running through my veins. What is this?

It happens right under my heart, sometimes in my leg, and rarely my arm. It does not hurt; it's annoying to feel though. It feels like the feeling when you suck a straw, and very little beads of liquid of coming up separated by air. Im 22, thin, have very low blood pressure, and eat extremely well. I do not have high cholesterol or any heart problems. I'm thinking it may be my low blood pressure and the blood just doesn't come fast enough but I'd love to hear other ideas if you know anything.


Harrison Answered:
I would see a doctor if I was you.

E Answered:
Trust me, people who eat nothing but junk food definitely do *not* get a free pass.In fact, people are more verbose about it if the person is already overweight.People will frown, make snide remarks behind their backs, make remarks to their face, etc.I think people are just more upfront about smokers because of how harmful secondhand smoke is.Someone eating crap isn't really affecting someone watching.Unless they're squeamish or something…

Bryce Answered:
It may be a matter of timing. Smoking has spent the last 50 years becoming more and more unacceptable to society. Whereas, Junk Food is probably more like 15 or 20 years (in the main stream, mind you). Maybe Junk Food WILL eventually be frowned upon just as bad.

However, there is also the second hand smoke issue. As far as I know, there is no big issue going on about second hand high cholesterol, or danger of being near a J.K. Addict. Aside from behavior mods from things like too much sugar or caffeine 😉

word Answered:
Because the guy standing next to me can't get high cholesterol when I eat a twinkie.Second-hand smoke affects everyone.I'm a smoker, and even I understand that.

Get In Line Answered:
I don't think that people who eat a lot of junk food are frowned apon more. I've heard more people talk bad about people who eat only junk food than people who smoke.

T Answered:
I cant get sick smelling second hand candy.

zaphodsclone Answered:
junk food addict only hurts himself
(no second hand smoke)

Cole Answered:
Uh…since when have junk food addicts gotten a free pass? Have you been reading the news lately?

M Answered:
i dont care what you do as long as it doesn't effect me

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