What does it mean when my AC1 blood sugar is 6.7 & Fasting blood sugar is 119?

Am I Asked: What does it mean when my AC1 blood sugar is 6.7 & Fasting blood sugar is 119?

I am a 53 yrs old male.Just had blood work last week for metabolic profile and AC1 blood work.Reports says my AC1 is 6.7 and Fasting blood sugar is 119.Report also says Total Bili is high at 1.0(Don't know what is total bili though) also have high blood pressure that seems in control due to medication.my total cholesterol is high about 202 and Triglyceride is 151.I am going to Doctor this thursday.I am at high risk as my mom,sister and brother have diabetes,but from this report I am not sure if I am now diabetic now?Can anyone here explain me what does this report means?Thank you.


buffalo Answered:
Your HBA1C average is 146 over a 3 month period.I would say you are diabetic.Either way act as if you are. Here's a jump start for you to follow for life.

There are 4 key steps to controlling glucose levels :
1) EXERCISE- Walking is fine but Nordic Walking is Great. Exercise also lowers Glucose levels , lowers Cholesterol and lowers Blood Pressure. Google it.Exercise is Non-Negotiable !!!Thats why it is Number 1 on the list.
2) Knowledge- http://www.phlaunt.com/diabetes/index.ph This is a great site for info
3) Meds. Metformin to start. Never , ever take Actos or Avandia. They may kill you. Bone fractures, heart problems and what diabetics really don't need is that they change Bone Stem Cells to Fat Cells.Also never ever take Onglyza or Januvia . They can can inhibit the bodys immune system and let cancer spread.
4) Diet- A low carb diet is in order. I can't count carbs so I use Mendosa's Glycemic Index Diet. Great for the whole family. http://www.mendosa.com/gilists.htm

Take care

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