Will eating oatmeal help u lose weight?

RanBow Asked: Will eating oatmeal help u lose weight?

I'm trying to lose weight, the oatmeal i have isquaker oats & the calories is 150 and from fat its 25. total fat is 4% ; saturated fat: 0.5g 2% ; trans fat 0g ; polyunsaturated fat is 1g ; monounsaturated fat is 1g ; cholesterol: 0mg 0% ; sodium 0mg 0% ; total carbohydrate is 27g ' 9% ; dietary fiber = 4g 15% ; soluble fiber is 2g ; insoluble fiber is 2g ; sugars 1g ; & protein is 5g. *10% of iron *+*—> I usually feed my 9 1/2 month old baby brother Kaeden some oatmeal in the mornings sometimes. I always fix 1 cup of oatmeal each morning is it good for dieting abdominal losing weight? I put sugar and 2% milk in my oatmeal when it's done bc I add sugar for flavor and milk for less thickness..is it good first me to Lose weight? how much do u think I will lose eating oatmeal each morning for breakfast? how much sugar should I add cause I usually just put it in until the oatmeal tastes sweet.. and how much milk? I'm 15 and would love to lose a little more weight before I go to a new school next month! thanks so much!!


Daniel Answered:
No but its healthy for your heart sweetheart.

Dylan A Answered:
not that type, if you eat plain, non-instant oatmeal (so you have oats and you make it yourself) it's good for your heart and it is supposed to help burn fat.
also, you shouldn't add sugar, add fruit to sweeten, and you shouldn't use 2% use skim.

luiza e Answered:
Yes, they would…

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